In the 14 years I have designed websites, logos, banners, packaging, products, mobile apps... you name it.


Creating content for clients on and off the line. Social media, storyboards, scripts, articles, taglines etc.


Experienced and a very trend aware coder with skills that span to HTML5 and CSS3.

Stand up comedy

Performing in English and Croatian in Zagreb, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest, Belgrade...; Filmed 2 stand up comedy specials for Comedy Central in 2013. and 2014.


When the workaholic in me is shooed from work I to turn to fencing (en garde!), longboarding, snowboarding, photography, video editing and stage diving.

Got lemons?

Make Lemonade or just - hey - free lemons!


selected work

"His brother is funnier."

My mom,

"I have to agree with my wife…"

My dad,


trivia about Aleks

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Don’t worry about it yet.

roflcopter ind.

roflcopterROFLcopter Industries (Copting the ROFL) is a blog where I analyse and subjectively opinionate various marketing ideas along with a few of others that have interests in the same industry.




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